This video is all about different types of socks and sock lengths, including when to wear each type and recommended brands. I see so many guys wearing the wrong socks with their shoes and pants, so I want to clear things up and for all.

6 Types of Socks and When to Wear Them | Sock Lengths & Fabrics Explained

 Here's everything you need to know about socks...

But I do think it's an important aspect of style, as it impacts how look and feel throughout the day. So let's talk about socks! Crew socks. Over the calf. No show socks. Ankle-length socks. Cotton, wool, synthetic, silk. Light cushion, heavy cushion, no cushion…

There are many, many different types of socks to choose from. How do you know which socks to buy? How can be sure that you're wearing the right socks with different types of shoes and pants? What's the best sock length for you?

These are the kind of questions that make me lose sleep at night, and then write the most comprehensive, in-depth video on the Internet about sock types. If you also have questions about socks, you're in the right place.

This guide will teach you how to choose the perfect socks for any situation. Whether you're a jet-setting business bro or a broke college student with a budding interest in the goth ninja aesthetic (#streetwear), I've got you covered.

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