Police told local media they were looking for those responsible for discarding the used dye that discolored the floodwaters.
Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-07/indonesian-town-turns-blood-red-as-flood-hits-batik-factory/13130624

A surreal, blood-red river has inundated the Indonesian village of Jenggot in the wake of floods hitting a nearby textiles factory, causing a frenzy on social media.

Key points:

  • Pekalongan city is known for its manufacture of traditional Indonesian batik fabrics
  • Rivers around the city are regularly polluted by runoff from the inks used in the process
  • Environmental authorities have deployed a truck to suck up the blood-red floodwaters

Thousands of Twitter users have shared photos and videos of the village south of Pekalongan in Central Java being flooded by crimson-colored water, with some saying it reminded them of blood.

Pekalongan is a city known for batik, a traditional Indonesian method of using wax to resist water-based dyes to depict patterns and drawings, usually on fabric.

"I am so afraid if this photo gets into the bad hands of hoax spreaders," Twitter user Ayah E Arek-Arek said.


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