At least 24 workers died this morning because of floods in an illegal textile production unit in Tangier, northern Morocco.

The industrial unit was hosted in an underground garage, located under a residential villa, in western Tangier.

The incident occurred after heavy rainfall flooded the workshop. It is yet uncertain how the victims died, but some unconfirmed reports suggest that the flood caused a short circuit, causing the workers to die from electric shock.

At the time of writing, civil protection services have confirmed the death of 24 workers and rescued 10 others. Search operations are ongoing to rescue other victims trapped in the flooded underground garage.

Health authorities have transferred the rescued workers to the hospital to receive medical aid, if necessary.

Local authorities of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region claimed they were unaware of the existence of an industrial unit under the residential villa. They have launched a judicial investigation to determine the causes of the incident.

Moroccans on social media are already calling for a thorough investigation to determine the people responsible for the tragedy.

Some are accusing the owner of the workshop and anyone else involved in the production unit management of criminal negligence for its illegal operating and non-respect of work safety measures.


The incident occurred as Tangier was witnessing heavy rainfall. Several photos and videos published on social networks have shown cars submerged by the waters.


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