If you are about to hire a garment sourcing company to assist your business, the following are the 5 things you need to consider before you make up your mind to choose them.

1. Knowledge of Garment Manufacturing and the Process

The Garment sourcing company should have a solid knowledge of the products they deal with, otherwise, it’s with little chances for them to do the work well, especially when it comes to woven or knitting garments, like Shirts, T-shirts, innerwear, etc.

For example, if you’re in the T-shirt business, they should know the specification and parameter of the products, such as the type of  T-shirts (round neck, polo, v neck and) and fabrics, which includes bio-wash, GSM and Printing, etc.

Furthermore, a sourcing company should also familiar with how the garments are being manufactured? What are the production processes? Which fabrics or materials have a big impact on quality? Therefore they will know how to arrange the quality control inspection, and able to spot the potential quality issues before delivery.

2. Experience Matters

Having the experience means that you know about what you are doing and how to do it. If a garment sourcing company does not have related experience in the sourcing and export field, they have no idea where to find the right suppliers and how to evaluate good quality products. It will take them a lot of time to know the ropes and they also have to learn it from the start.

Additionally, lack of experience sometimes also means they do not know how to deal with the suppliers properly, which is very important to keep good business relationships with them and to let them work in your way.

For you, it means you are hiring an in-experienced to do the job, wasting your time and money.

3. Background

Conduct out a background check of the garment sourcing agents you are planning to hire. For example, you can check their Linkedin profile or Facebook page to see his or her former job experience and company information, such as founded time, services, company goal, number of employees, etc. The background information will help you to know what kind of capability they have, how many resources they can provide for you, and how well they can do the sourcing job.

If the sourcing agents’ former work experience is in the import & export field or other relevant work, they tie-up with vendors, suppliers, and logistics partners. By working with this sort of sourcing agent, you will be connected to other reliable agents for your whole business. This will reduce the level of your personal involvement, freeing up sufficient time for you to concentrate on core business operations.

4. Location is Important

Location can have a direct influence on whether they can do the work well because your suppliers are dispersive in different areas, it will be a difficulty if the sourcing agent is far from it.

In India,  Cities like Tirupur, Bangalore, and Surat, are the industrial clusters for Ready Made Garments in these cities mean you have more access to reach a variety of clothing suppliers, and you can even visit 3-5 suppliers a day.

Hence, if the sourcing company located in the right position, it is more efficient and quick for them to arrange the daily task for you, such as factory audit, pre-production inspection, quality surveillance, shipment arrangement, etc.

for example.  If you are looking for a Sourcing company for your clothing line. you should go with Tirupur Based Sourcing agency

5. Focus markets

Before you choose a garment sourcing company to assist your import clothing business, please ask them first which markets they focus, or where are their customers from. Since different countries have their own different cultures, regulations, standards, and certification requirements.

For example, in terms of certification, CE is a must if you want to sell in European countries, and if you want to sell in the USA, UL or ETL is also indispensable. The others like SAA for the Australian market, BIS for the Indian market, SASO for Saudi Arabia, etc.

Eg. Knitwear Garments is with Bio wash, the usage, design patterns, and size requirements also vary from country to country. A  garment sourcing company can easily get it and avoid unnecessary troubles if they have already worked in the market.

Different markets are also with different tastes in the clothing line. If you’re from the USA or Europe and you’re looking for high-quality products, but the sourcing agent’s customers are mostly from India or the Middle East, then they are not suitable for your business.

So, choosing and working with the best garment sourcing company can help you to save a lot of money as well as your valuable time.


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