These five innovations will be the highlight at Pailung’s booth. They are expected to make tangible changes to the global fabric industry, as these innovations spark new ideas across the world of textiles.

1. MES

Intelligent manufacturing – In addition to monitoring production efficiency using POMS, being able to exercise complete control is one of the most critical aspects of Industry 4.0. Rather than manually changing machines’ knitting parameters, MES allows machines to be adjusted through computers – both ensuring consistent knit quality and type, while also streamlining production and achieving strict quality control standards.

2. Spinit

Replacing the traditional method of spinning raw materials into yarn, Spinit creates textiles directly from raw materials, significantly shortening the yarn spinning step. This helps save raw material cost, accelerate production, and create high-quality fabrics that are soft and light, ideal for polo shirts and other golfing attire.

3. Knitted 3-Layer High Pile (KDFPS-HW)

As the name suggests, the knitted 3-layer high pile technology simultaneously knits three layers on a single machine, completely avoiding the laborious process of producing the laminated 3-layer high pile and reducing production time by 60%. At the same time, KDFPS-HW solves the 2-layer high pile loss issue – both accelerating production and improving fabric quality.

4. Segue Jacquard (KRTDCJ6 )

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology that releases yarn as needed – rather than all at once – KRTDCJ6 can knit up to eight different types of yarn with varying colors, materials, and denier values, without thickening the knit. Segue Jacquard knits vibrant patterns that last longer than printed designs, and can create knits with embossed patterns.

5. Sculpted Spacer (ISP203

The spacer has played a revolutionary role in the fabric industry, and the sculpted spacer is bringing it to the next level. ISP203 can knit a single piece of spacer fabric with various thicknesses, offering an alternative to padded bras and other apparel. The sculpted spacer not only embraces wearers in a snug fit, it also significantly reduces production time by completely eliminating the cutting and patching step that was previously required for shaping.


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