They are toxic-free and perfect for the circular economy, also in the sports and outdoor industries. True to the motto: "Go back to earth, go down to zero."

99O™: This is how textiles become biodegradable and sustainable

The name says it all: The 99 stands for 99 percent of clothing that is thrown away after three life cycles. The O for complete and significantly faster biodegradability than conventional materials. "Go back to earth, go down to zero." is the slogan with which the new development is being marketed.


Organic additives facilitate the breakdown of 99O™

Usually, the chemical structure of synthetic fibers complicates bacterial penetration, which makes the breakdown process more complicated and slower. However, 99O™ contains organic additives. The enhanced polyester fabric makes it easier - under landfill conditions - to access and compost the textiles by bacteria, thus accelerating the biological degradation process.

Biodegradation becomes 40 times faster

In this way, the discarded clothing can be converted more quickly into biomass and biogas, which become new resources for the environment. According to ASTM D5511 laboratory biodegradation tests, Sunfeng's new polyester material biodegrades 40 times faster than plastics in general. This can significantly reduce the environmental impact and the amount of waste for future generations. And one of the most important challenges for the textile industry and the sports and outdoor industry can be solved: The creation of a sustainable production system with a closed cycle.

With the sustainable qualities 99O™ helps nature and the planet.


Quality and service life as with conventional fabrics

The good thing about it: These properties of 99O™ only occur when the clothing is broken down by bacteria without the supply of oxygen. In normal use, the revolutionary polyester fabric has exactly the same quality as conventional materials. 99O™ does not attract bacteria or odors. And the service life corresponds to that of normal yarns.

99O™: Non-toxic and without harmful substances

Another advantage: 99O™ is certified as free of toxic substances by an independent control system. It does not contain substances that could harm the health of adults, children and babies. In addition, the polyester fabric
Can be combined with biodegradable TPU or PU membranes, Sunfeng DRIO™ Bio DWR finish or the Sunfengand ECLO ™ Eco dye solution

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