Turkmenistan and Russia discussed prospects of selling Turkmen textiles and cotton at the Russian market. The meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Russia.

The Russian side was represented by CCI’s Vice-President Alexander Rybakov. The delegation of Turkmenistan included Ambassador to the Russian Federation Berdymurad Redzhepov, as well as representatives of the Government and the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan. The meeting was also attended by the heads of a number of textile enterprises of the two countries.

Members of the delegation of Turkmenistan briefed their counterparts on the pace of development of the textile industry and its capacities. Turkmenistan processes up to 70 percent of cotton grown in the country and produces 119,000 tons of yarn and a wide range of textile products.

At the meeting, the Russian side showed interest in importing textiles from Turkmenistan. In the meantime, Turkmenistan exports most of its textile products to the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, China, Ukraine.

This year, Turkmenistan plans to harvest 1.05 million tons of cotton from 545 thousand hectares.


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